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Today, I want to address the warrior's code...

Throughout time, as races become more advanced, they move into a natural realm of war with other races.  After that iteration, they begin to hone their personal best to create a caste of sentient being known as a war lord. These warlords begin to develop philosophies that either make their dynasty stronger or destroy it. If the dynasty is destroyed, the philosophy they had is taken apart and the good extracted for other dynasties.
The culmination of these philosophies creates a warrior’s code. Each era has one for its locale and race of people and ours is no exception… In the end there is one thing that permeates all Warriors’ codes that survive the test of time. That is that war is undesirable, but inevitable. Peace is the true goal of the warrior, inner peace being the most important to promote outer peace. This is the direction of the warrior, inner peace. 
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