cecropius (cecropius) wrote in warriors_meet,

This is the first posting. This is not meant to be just for what I will put here.

My world last night was not chipper!  I got a call from an ex that just was very painful.  She does not know what she is doing right now, she is caught up in the moment and challenged by simple life tasks.  I will say no more, except that I should be stronger than I was.  Her new boyfriend got on the phone, jealous of my experiences with her and bitter, and I was not the person I usually am.  

I wish to say that he is a scared boy and has not grown into a man yet.  Hopefully, for her, he might, but I should not have said what I did to drive the knife deeper into his ego.  I am a more peaceful warrior than that and feel I owe myself and the Ether my heart felt apology.  Every moment is unique and alive and that is all I will ever have!  
Tags: apollogy
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